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Press Release: Sanitary Inspection carried out surveillance after notification of the Institute of Public Health on the occurrence of hospital infections in the Cardio-surgical Center

Published date: 05.06.2017 09:27 | Author: uip

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On 28 April 2017, Sanitary Inspection carried out the inspection in the Clinical Center of Montenegro and found that the Team for surveillance, prevention and combating of hospital infections of the Clinical Center of Monenegro, led by the specialist epidemiologist of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, undertook measures for prevention of combating and spreading of hospital infections.

By carrying out surveillance in the Cardio Center, the sanitary inspector found that they complied with recommendations of increased cleaning and disinfection, and that there are no new cases of infections, but recommended additional measures of prevention and combating the spread of hospital infections will continue to be applied. Ban on visits is still on force due to prevention.

The Institute of Public Health took swabs of the work surfaces, instruments and materials in order to control degree of cleanliness and disinfection. Hospital infections are duly registered to the Institute of Public Health. Mandatory medical examinations of employees in the Cardio-surgical Center were performed (duly certified sanitary booklet). Sanitary-hygienic conditions are satisfactory.

The Sanitary Inspection will perform control inspection too.

PR Department of the Administration for Inspection Affairs