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The Sector for Market Inspection

The Sector for Market Inspection performs various tasks, such as: inspection of the enforcement of laws, bylaws and other regulations in the field of domestic trade and services, safety of non-food products, protection of consumers’ economic interests, protection of intellectual property rights, as well as other tasks according to the law (contact point for the exchange of information on dangerous products, contact point for keeping a register of trade reports and a register of consumer complaints); taking administrative and other actions and measures in order to eliminate identified irregularities; issuing misdemeanor orders, submitting requests for initiating misdemeanour procedure, filing criminal and other appropriate charges; giving initiative to amend laws, other regulations and other general acts and proposing measures for improving conditions in this field of inspection; preparation of analyses, reports and information within the scope of work of the Sector; establishment of cooperation with other administrative bodies, institutions and business entities; as well as other tasks within its competence.

Nada Đurđić

You can find Regulations and General Acts implemented by the Sector for Market Inspection on our website (or the website of the Government of Montenegro) by entering search query in Library.

Useful information

Request form for initiating procedure for the protection of intellectual property rights, Form for the notification of dangerous products, Application form for the beginning of trade performance, as well as the Form for submission of complaints/ initiatives can be found in LIBRARY, under the name FORMS.
Every working day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the premises of the Sector for Market Inspection in Podgorica, inspector on duty is available to citizens for all questions and reception of initiatives.

Address: Novaka Miloševa 10
81000 Podgorica
Tel. +382 (0) 20 230 529; 230 921; 230 481
Fax. +382 (0) 20 230 486