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The Sector for the Inspection of Spatial Protection

The Sector for the Inspection of Spatial Protection performs various tasks, such as: inspection of the enforcement of laws, bylaws and other regulations in the field of spatial protection; taking and implementing administrative and other measures and actions in order to eliminate identified irregularities and harmonize operations with regulations; issuing misdemeanor orders, submitting requests for initiating misdemeanour procedures, filing criminal and other charges (initiating proceedings before competent authorities); giving initiative to amend laws, other laws and general acts and proposal of measures for improving conditions in this field of inspection; preparation of analyses, reports and information within the scope of work of the sector; establishment of cooperation with other administrative bodies, institutions and business entities; as well as other tasks within its competence. 

A person who illegally builds risks to suffer great damage:
-material damage (demolition of facilities);
-financial damage (A person will have to pay demolition costs);
-impossibility of cadastral registration and potential selling in property market;
-a person is risking the stability of a facility.

General social damage which a person who illegally builds causes is the following:
-Environmental devastation;
-Negative image of Montenegro in the circles of potential tourists and investors;
-Huge losses in tax revenues and other incomes. 

Chief Inspector:
Hajradin Osmanović


Address: IV Proleterske 19
81000 Podgorica
Tel.+382 (0) 20 446 356; 446 245
Fax.+382 (0) 20 446 204