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The Sector for Electroenergetic Inspection

The Sector for Electroenergetic Inspection performs various tasks, such as: inspection of the enforcement of laws, bylaws and technical regulations in the field of electroenergetics; control and supervision of the activities performed by business entities which deal with electroenergetics; enforcement of decisions; taking administrative and other measures and activities in order to eliminate identified irregularities and to ensure correct implementation of regulations in this field; submission of requests for initiating misdemeanour procedure, filing criminal charges; giving initiative to amend laws, other regulations and general acts and proposal of measures for improving conditions in this field of inspection; preparation of analyses, reports and information within the scope of work of the Sector; establishment of cooperation with other administrative bodies, institutions and business entities; as well as other tasks within its competence.

Chief Inspector: Blagota Novosel

You can find Regulations and General Acts implemented by the Sector for Electroenergetic Inspection on our website (or the website of the Government of Montenegro) by entering search query in Library.

Address: Rimski trg 46
81000 Podgorica
Tel. +382 (0) 20 234941; 482 249; 482 257
Fax. +382 (0) 20 234 231